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Sprinter Van Rentals and Beyond

Sprinter Van Rental

Sprinter Van Rental in Los Angeles / LAX Pros and we have  9, 12 and 15 passenger van rental in Los Angeles, Las Vegas and San Francisco.

Crew & Cargo Van Rental

Large or small moves, we have your cargo van rental needs covered at discount rates to help you stay on budget.  2 or 5 passenger cargo vans to fit your needs.

Passenger Van Rental

Need a 9, 12 or a 15 passenger van for rent?

We have several options to choose from when it comes to renting Sprinter Vans. 

Production Use

Corporate Events

Family Vacation

Weddings / Parties


Airport Transfers

We promise, you will have the best experience

Don’t settle for less when it comes to renting a Sprinter Van, Cargo Van or a Passenger Van for your transportation needs. 

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Sprinter Van Rental : Los Angeles L.A. | Las Vegas | Phoenix | San Francisco

Mercedes Benz Sprinter Van Rental | 9, 12 & 15 passenger van rental | crew / cargo van rental

We offer a large selection of Sprinter van rental for Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Phoenix and now San Francisco area!

Why Rent a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van?

Why do customers seek to rent elegant (passenger or cargo) Sprinter Vans made by Mercedes-Benz? These vehicles offer a superb form of transportation for any driver and occasion. A Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van rental combines comfort with, versatility, convenience, safety, and reliability:

Sprinter Van Versatility

Rent one for an upcoming excursion, then add additional Sprinter Vans if the number of participants increases. Religious organizations, tour sponsors, sports teams, corporations, entertainers, and many other people all appreciate these opulent vans. If you’ve considered searching for “van rental Los Angeles” services online, you’ll want to stop at Legends Van Rentals.

Review our excellent selection of vans for rent perfect for accommodating up to 15 people in comfort and style. You’ll discover a multitude of reasons to choose a beautiful Sprinter Van as your next rental selection. The ease of driving a cargo or passenger van makes the Sprinter an especially popular choice for group travel. We offer these vans for rent with (or without) a chauffeur. If you’d like to combine the affordability of a group rental with the prestigious cachet of a Mercedes-Benz product, you’ll want to take a close look at these stylish vehicles!

Sprinter Van Convenience

Customers also appreciate the remarkable convenience of the luxurious Sprinter vans. The lovely tailored black interior trim creates an impressive cabin decor. With top quality / upgraded air conditioning, these vans provide a refreshingly cool environment for anyone traveling on hot days in Southern California. Arrive at a destination comfortable, relaxed, and confident. Passengers also enjoy both a built-in TV and generously sized van windows.

The manufacturer supplies a high roof, ensuring most people move freely through the cabin without stopping. With some 6.5 feet of dedicated cabin height available, even very tall individuals appreciate this bus-like design element. Every rental furnishes certain built-in high tech driving assist technologies, too, including a rearview backup camera. With numerous safety features, plus ample leg room and space for cargo storage, these popular vehicles contribute to enjoyable, trendy travel in the Greater Los Angles Area and beyond.

Sprinter Van Safety & Reliability

Our vans are manufactured by Mercedes-Benz, one of the world’s leading luxury automakers, rental of a Sprinter Van offers remarkable safety & reliability. Surprisingly easy is actually driving one of these large vans. Although they look big, once behind the wheel, the Mercedes-Benz history of making amazing cars is apparent as this very large van shrinks and driving it becomes as easy as a sedan if not an average size SUV.

Passenger or Cargo Sprinter Van Rental

Our large fleet of vans includes both cargo and passenger vans for rent. For our passenger vans, we offer vans in configurations of 9, 12 and for 15 passengers. Our cargo vans can have 2 or 5 passenger (crew cargo vans ) seat configuration depending on your needs based number of travelers and or space for cargo.


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