Memorial Day is approaching and you may be starting to think about getting away on a little road trip. Having the perfect car can make all the difference to your comfort, relaxation, and ultimate enjoyment of the roads ahead. There’s nothing worse than planning a road trip only to find that you don’t have enough space for everything or everyone. Here are 6 things you should think about when renting a luxury van this Memorial Day weekend, so you can sit back and enjoy all the scenery as it passes by your window.

  • Size and Comfort

One of the first things to know for your Memorial Day road trip is the number of people and pets going on the trip. Knowing the correct number of passengers will allow you to decide how many seats you would like in your weekend van rental to keep everyone comfortable. It also enables you to pick the right size for luggage and foot room. Picking a van that will be large enough for everything is crucial to having a good trip. If you think you may need a little extra stretching space, get your van one size larger. Legends Car & Van Rentals offer various passenger vans to accommodate different group sizes. Our vans can fit 9, 12, or 15 passengers comfortably and give plenty of room for stretching out during your Memorial Day road trip.

  • Insurance and Roadside Assistance

Insurance is essential when renting a van. It might seem like an extra fee for a quick trip, but it will be worth the cost in the unfortunate event of a mishap. We highly recommend checking your auto policy to see if it will cover your rental. If it does, then you can enjoy your van worry-free knowing that you are covered in case you get in an accident or if any other unexpected damage occurs. If your auto policy doesn’t cover rentals, there are a number of companies and insurance providers that offer separate options you can buy so that you are covered for the duration of your trip. At Legends Car & Van Rental, we’ve got you covered with roadside assistance. We know that you want your Memorial Day road trip to be stress-free, so we offer 24/7 nationwide roadside support for any issue that you may have with your van.

  • Destination

Where are you planning to go this Memorial Day weekend? Although most people know where they are going, some people jump in the car and take off. Knowing your destination or idea of how far you are willing to travel can help you choose the perfect rental van for the long weekend. It allows you to pick a company that offers specific mileage for a price or unlimited mileage. Legends Car & Van Rentals know that figuring out mileage can be more stressful when traveling across the state or country. On your Memorial Day road trip, you can go the distance without paying attention to the odometer. We offer unlimited mileage packages with most of our van rentals.

  • Drivers and Age Limits

Your driver’s age is critical information when renting a van and you’ll want to make sure you have every driver set up before renting. That way, you know that anyone who gets behind the wheel will be covered. Most car companies that rent out vehicles require the driver(s) to be 25 years of age. Knowing the number of drivers and their ages will expedite checking in for your van and ensure that your van is ready to go when you arrive for pick-up. Legends Car & Van Rentals require drivers to be at least 25 years of age to drive one of our luxury vans. If your drivers do not meet the age requirement, we offer chauffeurs for particular rentals. Contact us for more information on a chauffeur so you can enjoy your Memorial Day road trip.

  • Pick-Up and Drop-Off

When renting a van for the long weekend, you want the trip to start and end smoothly. Finding a company that offers the easiest pick-up and drop-off can help make sure your experience is stress-free. Some companies have you pay to park your car and then shuttle you to the facility where you can pick up your rented vehicle. With other companies, your leased vehicle will come to you. Start your Memorial Day weekend road trip with an easy van pick-up. We know the stresses of piling everyone into a car and dropping them off at the rental location. That’s why we put you in charge by letting you choose the times that work for your schedule. Then, we’ll come to give you the van and pick it up when you get home. In addition, we allow for 24/7 pick-up and drop-off at any specific location. Schedule a time with us, or let us know when you are coming in, and we will make sure the van is ready for you when you arrive. 

  • Accessories and Special Accommodations

Make your Memorial Day road trip a much different experience for your family and friends. Get vans with unique features installed to help pass the time of driving through the flat grasslands or desert. TVs, video game consoles, and electronic device plug-ins are helpful accessories when traveling with others. Our full-service vans come equipped with anything you request. We want you to have an enjoyable weekend and know that the additional features on our van rentals can help make that happen. 

Vacation in Our Luxury Vans

At Legends Sprinter Van Rentals, your van rental is an essential aspect of your road trip. It is probably where you will spend the most time. Our high-quality Mercedes-Benz vans are incredibly comfortable and adaptable to meet all your needs. Check out our van selections today and request a quote for your Memorial Day road trip.