There’s nothing like hitting the open road. Whether you’re looking for a fresh travel idea, want to celebrate a special occasion, or need to accommodate special needs, a 9-seater van rental is an incredible way to travel. We’ve put together 7 fun ideas to get out there and start exploring.

1. Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties

Bachelor and bachelorette parties are a great way to celebrate a bride- or groom-to-be before their upcoming nuptials. They’re always a fun occasion, especially if your group can travel to a new city or destination. To take your party to the next level, try a 9-passenger van rental. These roomy vehicles have space for everyone to feel comfortable. Whether you’re sightseeing and partying around Nashville, Las Vegas, or Miami, you’ll have reliable transportation wherever you go. And if you hire a professional driver, you can safely enjoy the party scene without worrying about driving. Kick back and enjoy the ride with a van rental.

2. Family Reunions

Many families love getting together every few years for family reunions. These special trips bring loved ones together to catch up, share memories, and go on new adventures. This year, try a 9-seater van rental for your family reunion. Take a road trip to your meeting place, or travel to new locations together. Different parts of the family can take different van rentals, so each group is fully comfortable. Van rentals are especially great for kids, since they can have their own space for activities while on the road, and no one feels cramped. You can even take out a few seats to accommodate your dog. And with many van rental companies offering 24/7 roadside assistance, you have peace of mind in case of any emergencies or car trouble. Cherish time with family and feel safe and comfortable as you travel.

3. Vineyard and Brewery Tours

Everyone loves wine tasting. From the beautiful vistas to the intriguing flavors to the great conversation, tasting some wine is a wonderful way to spend a day with friends. These days, many breweries and distilleries are also opening their doors and their casks for tastings. To get the most out of your tour, book a 9-seater van rental with a professional driver. You’ll be able to fully experience the day, luxuriate in the rich flavors, and watch the road go by without worrying about driving or navigation. With a van rental , you can have fun with friends, taste some great alcohol, and focus on making great memories.

4. Grand Canyon Trip

Everyone should see the Grand Canyon at least once. It’s one of the most stunning natural formations in the country, and standing before it evokes a sense of awe unlike anything else. The sheer scale of the canyon can put everything into perspective, and the stark beauty of the southwest is half the fun of making this trip. To make your once-in-a-lifetime trip even better, try a 9-seater van rental. Whether you have a short or long road ahead of you, you’ll appreciate the roomy cabin and comfortable seats offered by a rental van. You can drive your van right up to the canyon to go hiking, take photos, or simply drink in the natural wonder. Experience a luxurious, unforgettable trip to the Grand Canyon with a van rental.

5. Classic American Routes

There are a few classic American routes that have deep roots in the country’s consciousness. Foremost among them are Route 66, the old road that cuts across the heart of the nation, and the Pacific Coast Highway, which snakes its way along the western coast. Both offer beautiful views and unmissable slices of American life and culture. Up your road trip game with a 9-passenger van rental. Enjoy visits at classic diners, scenic areas, and pit stops in an upgraded, roomy vehicle. The best van rental companies offer van pickup and dropoff at any location. That means whether you end up in Illinois, Washington, or California, you can simply leave your vehicle wherever is convenient for you. Travel the classic American routes in comfort and style with a 9-seater van rental.

6. Sightseeing in National Parks

The United States boasts a wealth of gorgeous landscapes and national parks. You can tour deserts, badlands, rainforests, and alpine zones. With so many incredible natural destinations across the country, you can drive in nearly any direction to see beautiful sights. A 9-seater van rental is the perfect choice for exploring national parks. You can bring along the whole family or a group of friends for a comfortable, luxurious experience. Whether you’re touring Yellowstone or Yosemite, you’ll be able to drive to top locations for hiking and sightseeing. If you need to bring along extra equipment, like camping gear or a stroller, you can remove seats from the van to make room. See the country in a whole new way in a 9-passenger van rental.

7. Graduation Trip

Whether you’re graduating from high school, college, or graduate school, you deserve to celebrate this amazing milestone. After all your hard years of work and dedication, now is the time to get on the road, relax, and see new horizons. Experience the freedom that comes with a 9-seater van rental to see the country. Now that you’re done with deadlines and exams, let go of rigidity and drive where the wind takes you. With a van rental, you’re not limited to a strict itinerary. You can make up the plan as you go and discover incredible hidden gems. And when your trip is done, you can leave your 9-passenger van rental wherever is convenient for you.

Hit the Road

Revel in the freedom of the road ahead. The ultimate upside of a 9-seater van rental is the true freedom and comfort you’ll experience. Whether you’re planning a bachelor party, a family reunion, or driving across the country, you’ll have safe and reliable transportation and 24/7 roadside assistance. You can even take advantage of professional drivers to make your trip as smooth as possible. Enjoy the ride and travel in style with a luxurious van rental. At Legends Car & Van Rentals, we provide white-glove service and a high-end experience. In addition to our 9-seater van rentals, we offer larger and smaller options. Explore our fleet of vehicles to find a rental that’s perfect for your needs, or get in touch with us to discuss what you have in mind. We’ll be sure to accommodate your requests so you can hit the road in comfort and style.