There’s a road that extends from the heart of Chicago to California’s coast, passing through eight states. This highway is known as Route 66. It was one of the first highways built for truckers in the southwest and it provided a way for people impacted by the Great Depression to move about the country. Today, this route has become a popular road trip experience since it holds so many treasures of the past and vintage-inspired destinations.

9 Stops to Make Along Route 66

1. Buckingham Fountain – Chicago, Illinois

Start your journey down Route 66 at Buckingham Fountain in Chicago. Not only is the fountain a fantastic site to begin at, but it is also home to the road’s information center. As you begin your trip, you will pass through several towns participating in keeping the legacy alive. Be sure to stop and take a peek into all the stores and diners along the way. Rent your Route 66 transportation now and start the vacation of a lifetime.

2. Gateway Arch – St. Louis, Missouri

Travel south on your Route 66 road trip to the Gateway Arch, across the Mississippi River in Missouri. The arch stands over 600 feet tall and symbolizes the exciting Louisiana Purchase and westward expansion that came to be in 1803. As a national monument, you can spend time seeing the area’s history and enjoying the views of the mighty Mississippi River.

3. Cars on the Route – Galena, Kansas

If your family is a fan of the Disney movie “Cars,” this should be a definite destination on your road trip. The movie got the inspiration for one of its most beloved characters, Tow Mater, from this burger joint along Route 66. When you stop and grab a bite to eat, be sure to check out the cars in the parking lot for a glimpse of a few that have become quite recognizable.

4. Blue Whale of Catoosa – Catoosa, Oklahoma

There’s nothing quite like the gesture of love than when you give it in the form of an 80-foot-long blue whale with a slide and diving board. Originally an anniversary gift for Hugh Davis’ beloved wife, Zelta, the Blue Whale of Catoosa has become an iconic symbol along Route 66 to keep the love alive and a place for a beautiful picnic. Although you can no longer dive into the pond, you can enjoy seeing the old remnants of the nature area and the whale during your road trip.

5. Cadillac Ranch – Amarillo, Texas

As you travel along the scenic Route 66 with your spacious transportation, you will be welcomed to Texas by a strip of colorful Cadillac cars sticking halfway up out of the sand. The vehicles are nose-down and painted with a variety of colors. Stop by and add your own graffiti, as many others have over the years.

6. Vintage Shops and Diners – Seligman, Arizona

Seligman, Arizona, is an excellent spot for photos, food, and shopping if you want to feel like you’ve stepped back in time to the ’70s. Vintage stores and restaurants line the streets here, so you can enjoy reminiscing for a moment and imagining how Route 66 would have been back in the day.

7. Williams, Arizona

Find the old west side of your Route 66 road trip as you enter Williams, Arizona. See the history and modernization of the past as you stroll along the streets of Williams. Although the town has a major highway running through it, it has still mainly kept to its western cowboy roots. If you have some time to spare, you can take an hour detour to visit the Grand Canyon while in the area.

8. McDonald’s Museum – San Bernardino, California

McDonald’s is an iconic burger joint that has pleased our taste buds since 1948. Although it was not a direct result of Route 66, they both grew to fame during the 60s and 70s. Stop by the Original McDonald’s, which happens to be on the route, and find out the history of this delightful hamburger restaurant.

9. Santa Monica Pier – Santa Monica, California

At some point, every road ends. In the case of Route 66, the road stops where the shore meets the water. What better way to complete your amazing journey through history than at the Santa Monica Pier. Take time to put your feet in the sand and enjoy the fact that transportation today can take us on trips across countries, through wild desserts, scenic views, and onward to the open oceans.

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