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If you’re looking for Sprinter cargo rental in California, Nevada, and Arizona, Legends Car & Van Rentals is your go-to place. We have a fleet of black and white luxury vans for all your individual and business cargo transport needs. All our luxury cargo vans come equipped with the luxury and comfort features necessary to keep your team comfortable while moving and must-have accessories to keep your cargo well secured and organized for any job and in any location.

Inside Sprinter Cargo Van

The Perfect Cargo Van for Your Business Needs

Our Mercedes Sprinter cargo van rentals feature the best-in-class payload and best-in-class cargo volume, making them the perfect option for businesses that need a reliable and spacious van to move work equipment, supplies, or merchandise. These vans are perfect for companies that need to transport a lot of cargo while still enjoying the convenience, unmatched flexibility, and safety of the Sprinter van.

Our Sprinter cargo rentals are a favorite among those who often have to carry bulky, delicate, or unwieldy cargo. Our luxury vans come with an advanced suspension system which helps provide more stability and control when carrying heavy loads. With easy handling, excellent performance, and efficient fuel economy, the Sprinter van makes it easy to get your cargo where you need it to go.

Get Your Cargo Van Rental Now

When you need to move large items at once without sacrificing comfort or style, you need a van that’s proven to get the job done. Our luxury Sprinter cargo vans come with comfortable captain’s chairs, a large workspace, and plenty of storage room for your belongings and cargo storage needs. We offer:

  • Delivery and pick-up
  • 24-hour pick-up and drop off
  • Professional drivers
  • Unlimited mile package
  • Convenient rental locations

Book your Sprinter cargo van rental at Legends Car & Van Rentals now, or contact us to learn more about our luxury van rental services.