Whether you’re a business owner looking for a new way to promote your brand or a director on the hunt for the perfect movie van rental, Legends Car & Van Rentals can provide the film production van you need. The behind-the-scenes aspects of production are just as important as what happens in front of the camera.

Why Choose Our Production Van Rental?

Figuring out transportation logistics is a big part of any film production process. Struggling to get all of your crew members, actors, and equipment ready to go can lead to slow production times. Here’s why you can trust us to be your source for production van rentals.

Best-in-class Cargo Volume

There’s a reason why film crews choose us for all their transportation needs. Our Mercedes sprinter van rentals feature the best-in-class cargo volume and payload, making them the perfect option for film crews or businesses to store their equipment. These vans are ideal for production teams that need to transport a lot of equipment from place to place while still wanting to enjoy the convenience and safety of a sprinter van.

Rather than trying to haul in a moving truck, our vans offer efficient fuel economy, excellent performance, and easy handling so that you can easily take your film crew and production equipment wherever you need to go.

Wide Selection

With a wide selection of production van rental options at your disposal, Legends Car & Van Rentals lets you easily find the perfect vehicle for your film crew. Our luxury passenger vans are ideal for large film crews and casts, holding between 9 to 15 passengers. Not to mention our passenger vans let you travel in style with plenty of lavish amenities.

If you need to move lights, cameras, props, and other film production equipment, our cargo vans can come in handy since they offer plenty of storage space without the expenses of a bulky moving truck. If you just need to transport a smaller crew or need a separate vehicle for a producer or director, our Cadillac Escalade rental could be the perfect option for you.

Everything You Need, When You Need It

There are many perks to choosing Legends Car & Van Rentals. We let you customize your van so that you have everything you need in one place. Here are some benefits of choosing our van rentals:

  • Delivery and pickup: Unlike most van rentals, you won’t waste time finding pickup and dropoff locations. We’ll deliver your production van rental directly to you anywhere, anytime. When you’re done, leave the vehicle at any location of your choosing and we’ll pick it up.
  • Professional drivers: As a director or producer, the last thing you want to do is drive your crew around everywhere. Focus on your creative project and let our professional drivers take you to where you need to go.
  • Unlimited miles package: Don’t sweat about mileage. We offer unlimited miles packages, so you can drive as much and as far as you like. It can be especially handy if you have to make last-minute changes requiring additional shooting locations.

Lights, Camera, Action!

At Legends Car & Vehicle Rentals, we’re dedicated to delivering high-quality film crew transportation so you can get to and from your destinations quickly. From California to Arizona to Nevada, our friendly staff is committed to providing you with the best service and even better van solutions. Avoid logistical mistakes by planning your transportation ahead of time. Contact us with questions about our production van rentals or receive a customized quote to get details and pricing.