Traveling around the U.S. countryside can be a fascinating and adventurous road trip. There are so many sights and things to do throughout the states. Plan your event-filled trip with our tips and tricks, and enjoy a relaxing drive in one of our luxury rental vans.

6 Tips for Traveling the U.S. in a Sprinter Van

Number of Travelers

The first thing you will want to figure out is the number of people going on the trip. The number of people is vital for two reasons:

  1. You’ll want to get a van large enough to accommodate your group size and allow everyone to sit comfortably while you’re on the road.
  2. You’ll want to know how much luggage each person will have and the overall trip necessities to ensure you have space for everything in the vehicle as you travel around the U.S.

Plan Your Route

Although you don’t have to plan every detail for your U.S. road trip, you might want a pretty good idea of where you are going. Knowing where you are going will ensure you choose the right rental package for mileage and know that you can get to every destination during your trip. By planning your trip early, you can note where to stop, research unique destinations, book hotels for your nightly stays, and schedule the right rental van. You will enjoy your U.S. road trip more by knowing where it will take you at the end of each day.

Know Your Budget

Research your budget criteria as you plan your destinations, dates, and stops. Ask yourself, how much you can truly afford to spend as you travel the U.S. in a rental van and what your top destinations to visit are within your budget.

Rent a Passenger Van

Get a large group of people and rent a luxury sprinter van for your U.S. road trip. A passenger van allows you to spread out with spacious legroom, reclining chairs, and extra high ceilings.

Get Everything Covered

Roadside assistance is an excellent feature that most rental companies offer. You will want to check your vehicle’s coverage in the unfortunate event of a breakdown or accident. If something happens, you will have a direct number to call for help to take care of the issue quickly and get you back on the road.  Insurance is an easy item to add to your road trip and probably one of the most important components to help you have a calm mind as you drive across the U.S. in a rental van. Not all companies offer it though, so you may need to check with your insurance company to tack on rental insurance to your personal policy for the trip.

Stay Connected with Your Rental Van Company

After you reserve your van for a departure date, make sure to take the time to stay connected with your rental company. Let them know of any changes you need to make or if you need any accommodations for your transportation. Staying in touch with your van company will give you confidence as you plan your big vacation.

3 Destination Ideas for Your U.S. Road Trip


How many people in your party would love to travel the U.S. in a van and end up where the road meets the sand? Beaches are excellent places to take a trip for the whole family. With activities for everyone, you can’t go wrong heading south, west, or east to any of our ocean-bearing borders.


The U.S. holds two extensive mountain ranges between the west and east. Mountains can be an exquisite road trip, full of majestic views, wildlife, and weather phenomena.  The Appalachian and Rocky Mountains have their own unique qualities that make them both worth venturing into. The Appalachian Mountains are full of foliage all year and the highest peaks will take you about 6,700 feet above sea level. The Rockies make a more adventurous trip, with summits well in the 14,000 feet range. You will find amazing views when you explore and drive the winding scenic roads of either range.

National Parks and Monuments

Take a history tour around the U.S. and visit national parks and monuments on your road trip. There is plenty of historical information, majestic art, and culture around the states to create a bucket list of the different parks and destinations to visit. Rent a spacious van to tour all the fantastic sites from coast to coast that see how America came to be.

Rent Your Luxury Van

If you have any questions as you plan how you’re going to travel the U.S. in one of our sprinter vans, call Legends Car & Van Rentals for more information. We are a full-service company that makes sure you get whatever you need for your trip. Our 24/7 roadside assistance will give you comfort, knowing we are always here to help with any issues. Our team can drop off the van and pick it up at your desired location to help you start and end your U.S. road trip on the right note. Call today to get your rental van quote and start adventuring the roads of America.