You’ve most likely heard the phrase ‘The Great American Road Trip.’ But where did that come from and what’s the reason behind the national holiday celebrating road trips? Read on to learn all the details and make the most of it this year with a rental van for a grand road trip excursion of your own.

The History of National Road Trip Day

Before road trips and mass car productions were a thing, two guys made a bet. One said that he could go from California to New York in his 1903 car in 90 days; the other said that it wasn’t possible. The outcome? You guessed it – the first-ever road trip across the U.S. from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean. Road trips only got better from there.Horatio Nelson Jackson’s winning bet didn’t stop at his 63-day trip from west to east. This story brought the idea to many people that cars could supply the needs for moving throughout the country. By the early 1930s, Route 66 opened for vehicles, and more people started traveling. They could cross through states and the countryside like never before in their automobiles.By the 1950s, people started buying cars and vans in surplus. As vehicles grew and vans developed, people began renting vans for their road trips. It didn’t take too many years before people figured out that their vans could even become a home on wheels. They realized these makeshift homes made the road trip adventure even more exciting and easy. It became a lifestyle.To this day, we road trip for fun and relaxation, bringing friends and family together and exploring the world around us. Gather friends or family, get a rental van for your road trip and drive until you lose the road in a new place. Start this Memorial Day weekend on Friday, National Road Trip Day, and make history in your ‘Great American Road Trip.’

3 Ways to Make the Most of National Road Trip Day

  • Grab Friends and Go

There is nothing better than texting a group of people, packing up your bags, and road-tripping for three days. Stop along the way to take in the different sights and sceneries. Who cares where you go? Just go. Friends are some of the best people to go with on a road trip. You learn a great deal about one another, go places you wouldn’t usually go, and make memories for a lifetime. Find a passenger van rental for your road trip and fit everyone into one vehicle. Legends Car & Van Rentals has many options for your weekend getaway. When you have different people with different lifestyles all hopping into a van for 72+ hours, you will want to make sure you cover the comfort bases of the trip. We supply vans suitable for your group number with upgrades for auxiliary electronic items, additional storage, and more to the rental. Find a passenger van today and start enjoying the vast countryside views.

  • Family Vacation

A great way to celebrate National Road Trip Day is to ring in summer with a family vacation road trip in a spacious rental van. Nothing says we love one another better than surviving long hours in a car looking out the window at whatever passes. Find a place on the map that the whole family would like to see and head out. Plan to stop for activities and sights along the way to keep everyone happy. You could explore a couple hours away from home or go to different states to check out various destinations that your family will remember forever. Some of the most memorable family road trip moments are playing games to keep entertained or finding a hidden gem. However, your road trip doesn’t have to be like National Lampoon’s vacation where everyone is squeezed into a tight station wagon. With a luxury rental van for your road trip, you and your family can have plenty of room for luggage, electronics, and even your family pet. Explore your weekend away with a large passenger van from Legends Car & Van Rentals and give everyone the space to spread out.

  • Bucket List Adventure

Don’t wait another weekend to knock a dream destination off your bucket list. Make the most of your vacation by exploring everything between your doorstep and your bucket list location. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures to remember your adventure and all the fun times. If you’ve always wanted to visit the mountains or ocean, take a tour around Washington D.C., or venture to the Grand Canyon, this is the perfect time to hit the road and make your dream a reality. Rent a large van and use National Road Trip Day as an excuse to finally cross that long-awaited destination off your bucket list.

Rent Your Van

Regardless of where you go on your road trip, you can enjoy it a little more with a luxury van. Legends Car & Van Rentals is sure to have the perfect rental for you. Whether you spend your road trip with friends and family or crossing off bucket list goals, you can enjoy every second in one of our spacious and comfortable rides. We accommodate whatever you may need to help make the journey a pleasurable memory. Enjoy viewing the different landscapes on your ‘Great American Road Trip’ in one of our rental vans by contacting one of our specialists today.