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Available Sprinter Cargo Van for Rent

Capable Sprinter Cargo Van

Make use of our Cargo Van Rental service for your next big move for your home or office! Our Sprinter cargo vans are fully capable to make your transport fun and easy. Whether you are moving home, swapping offices, going on tour, or transporting large equipment, our Sprinter Cargo vans will keep your belongings safe and secure. And with our 24/7 drop-off and pickup services, you don’t have to change your travel plans for us. Rent a Sprinter Cargo Van from Legends Car & Van Rentals for the best experience possible.
Our Sprinter Cargo Van rental service offer Highly fuel-efficient vans. We also offer an array of tie downs, loading ramps, divider walls, and towing hitches if needed. Alongside the vastly spacious rear cabin, our Sprinter cargo vans come with two comfortable seats at the front. Our vehicle also comes equipped with air conditioning, Bluetooth radio, and rear backup camera. Our cargo sprinter van rental also offers a fantastic turning diameter, ensuring it is very easy to maneuver and navigate. For ease of loading, the vehicle also provides rear and side loading ability.

Quick Specs

  • Version 1
    • Cargo Width: 70 in
    • Cargo Depth: 168 in
    • Interior Standing Height: 72 in


  • Radio: Bluetooth Radio
  • Climate Control: Upgraded A/C and Heating

Available Services

  • Optional: Delivery & Pick Up
  • Optional: 24 Hour Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Optional: Professional Drivers
  • Optional: Unlimited Miles Package

Cargo Van Rental - FAQ

  • What are the requirements for renting one of our cargo vans? - You must be of age 25 and older and have a valid driver's license.
  • Can I drive with a foreign driver's license? - That may depend on the licenses origin. Please contact us so that we can discuss this.
  • What payment methods do we accept? - We accept all major credit and debit cards, cash, and checks for the rentals, but require a major credit card for the authorization hold.
  • Can I use my auto insurance to rent one of our vans? - Since individual policies differ, it’s always best to speak with your insurance provider first.
  • Are the cargo vans easy to drive? - Driving our Sprinters are surprisingly easy for even those with little or no experience with larger vehicles. The height factor is the main consideration when driving these vans.
  • What type of fuel does the Sprinter van use? - Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinters run only on Diesel. Using any other fuel may cause damage to the engine and the person renting the van will be held responsible
  • For more Frequently Asked Question please visit our FAQ page.

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