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Available Sprinter Crew Cargo Van for Rent

Capable 5 or 6 Seat Sprinter Cargo Van

Our Crew Cargo Vans can help make your next big move a breeze. Available in 5 or 6 seats to comfortably fit extra passengers and all of your belongings, our cargo vans are perfect for moving home or office. And with our 24/7 drop-off and pickup services, you can easily fit your crew and belongings into your travel plans. Rent a Sprinter Crew Cargo Van from Legends Car & Van Rentals today for the best moving experience.
Our Sprinter Crew Cargo Van rental service offers fuel-efficient vans with a variety of tie downs, loading ramps, divider walls, and towing hitches if needed. Alongside the vastly spacious rear cargo space, our Sprinter crew cargo vans come with either 3 or 4 comfortable seats for extra passengers. The van also comes with air conditioning, a Bluetooth radio, and a backup camera. It's easy to maneuver and navigate due to the fantastic turning diameter. You can load from the rear or side for ease of loading your belongings.

Quick Specs

  • 5 Seat
    • Cargo Width: 70 in
    • Cargo Depth: 132 in
    • Interior Standing Height: 72 in
  • 6 Seat
    • Cargo Width: 70 in
    • Cargo Depth: 132 in
    • Interior Standing Height: 72 in


  • Radio: Bluetooth Radio
  • Climate Control: Upgraded A/C and Heating

Available Services

  • Optional: Delivery & Pick Up
  • Optional: 24 Hour Pick Up / Drop Off
  • Optional: Professional Drivers
  • Optional: Unlimited Miles Package

Crew Cargo Van Rental - FAQ

  • What are the requirements for renting one of our crew cargo vans? - You must be of age 25 and older and have a valid driver's license.
  • Can I drive with a foreign driver's license? - That may depend on the licenses origin. Please contact us so that we can discuss this.
  • What payment methods do we accept? - We accept all major credit and debit cards, cash, and checks for the rentals, but require a major credit card for the authorization hold.
  • Can I use my auto insurance to rent one of our vans? - Since individual policies differ, it’s always best to speak with your insurance provider first.
  • Are the cargo vans easy to drive? - Driving our Sprinters are surprisingly easy for even those with little or no experience with larger vehicles. The height factor is the main consideration when driving these vans.
  • What type of fuel does the Sprinter van use? - Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinters run only on Diesel. Using any other fuel may cause damage to the engine and the person renting the van will be held responsible
  • For more Frequently Asked Question please visit our FAQ page.

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